What’s Going on with FLOC? (10/21)

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The wonderful people at the Dayton Foundation are in the process of kicking off their third #SpreadtheGood event. As stated on their website, “this is a photo entry and community challenge which celebrates the good happening in the region and highlights the organizations whose work may not always make the news, but never ends.” Beginning on October 22nd, ending on November 29th, we’ll be posting pictures of what we’re doing at FLOC. And it will be a LOT.

We have our winter ball coming up, dressing hundreds of young people in formal wear, our homework completion program is in full swing, we go tonight to One Lincoln Park with our study kids in our Adopt a Grandparent Night! Our Christmas for Kids Program begins registration soon, our Harvest Festival is coming up on the 28th of October, our anti-bullying campaign meets on November 2nd. So many good things- and more to come!

New Programs!

In addition, we are in the process of new program development. Our homework completion program is designed for students who would like/need to spend more quality time with their parents. Many of the children we work with come from single parent homes, and the fact that they come home with a tremendous amount of homework takes critical time away from the family. We are establishing a tutor/mentor situation for these children. This tutor will provide homework help on a weekly basis, one on one with their student, down at our FLOC offices. This person will serve as a most critical resource for each child served- as teacher, friend, mentor. At this point, we’re looking for an hour a week commitment, for a nine week stretch. You will be working with your student on a very hands on basis, proactively developing their homework strategy. We will develop this program more holistically as it grows. Please join us in helping our students feel that they have support, and encouragement to academically succeed- and that they are cared for.

We can use any and all tutors. We have students in need of help in all subjects.  I will set up tutoring in area libraries, and will help to coordinate- just give me names and contacts!

Please be sure to check out the social media through FLOC- our website, our Facebook, and please like the pictures we post of good work our volunteers are doing every day throughout the Dayton community. The more likes we get, the more the possibility of being awarded their monetary award, which we would immediately apply to our Christmas for Kids Program. Last year we served Christmas joy to 2261, we had to turn away 1,000 children. Please help us to serve these additional children who are looking for holiday magic. Thank you!

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