Nearly 40,000 children starving in Dayton- how you can help


Blessings in a Bag

We have a program called Blessings in a Bag. It is designed to help keep our area children fed. There are nearly 40,000 children in the greater Dayton area who experience extreme hunger on a day to day basis.

Early this year, we were contacted by Emerson Academy. A very dear new teacher came in to collect school supplies from our Tools for School Program and told us that she had the saddest exchange that day. The kids were just coming back from summer break, and as they paraded into the classroom, she asked them what they missed most over the break… One little boy, very pale and gaunt, came and whispered in her ear, “I missed eating.” Shocking. So sad. So real. We had 40 Blessings in a Bag in our back room. We gave her all 40. That little boy had 5 bags in his book bag the next day. That’s how easy it is to provide hope and resource, and why I am so thankful for the help and support our community offers FLOC and the children we serve.

This past Wednesday, two phenomenal Alter High School students (hi Nick and Jack!) came to our longitudinal study and gave our kids a presentation on the reality of child hunger, both on a national and local scale. The look on the faces of our young adults in our study was one of great surprise, of a desire to help, of a new mission and purpose.

After the presentation, our kids lined up with Nick and Jack and Sheri and assembled 125 Blessings in a Bag. These were taken into Emerson Academy the next day, and 125 children will be eating over the weekend. Our study kids will be doing this at every oncoming meeting. What an amazing thing it is- and how heartfilling- if that’s not a word, it should be… To see our young feed our young. It is most inspiring.

Take a look at some of our pictures below, and if you’re able – every bit counts – click our PayPal link above to make a donation to the Blessings in a Bag program to bring meals to hungry children throughout Dayton. We appreciate your help, and we couldn’t do what we do without you.







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