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October 3, 2014

Mall Donation

Oh, there are so many new and exciting updates for you, dear readers. The Dayton community has done SO VERY MUCH for the children we serve through FLOC, and I want to tell you all about it.

In early August, the Mall at Fairfield Commons had a fundraiser for us. They were hoping to raise $10,000 within a three-week parameter. Because of your kindness, generosity, and your need to shop, that money was raised within four days. The huge delightful check was presented at this year’s gala on August 24th.

And at that really fun, really packed, really (hot outside) great gala, we raised nearly $100,000. An all time record for us; so many new programs are being put in place because of this grand day. We are now focusing on an anti-bullying initiative; we held our first rally on September 6th. The following was the public service announcement we put out into the community:

Bullying is a dangerous and frightening reality. With the advent of cyber bullying, victims deal with a constant barrage of hate, and have little hope of retreat. There are many children in our greater Dayton area who deal with this issue on a daily basis; we need to talk about this with our children, whether they are the bully or the bullied. We need to give them support and education and tools in order to deal with their frustration and anger and subsequent behaviors.

On September 6th, FLOC, in collaboration with New Beginnings, is going to host its first Anti-Bullying Rally, located at McIntosh Park. From 12:00 pm-7:00 pm we will have testimonials, inspirational and informational speakers available to speak to this topic. We will also have all kinds of food and music, with an emphasis on the positive ways in which our community can gather in encouraging our children to respect one another.

We need at least one hundred volunteers for this event. Please, if you are available, and would like to be involved in this very important mission, contact us on our website at flocdayton.org or email Beth Mann at beth7mann@gmail.com -someone will be directly in touch. We’re also in need of sponsors and donations. If you are able to offer any kind of assistance, know that you will be making a difference. Thank you.

Ok, so that was put out into the Dayton media. And here’s what happened. Over 200 UD athletes showed up to volunteer. Over 250+ kids showed up to learn more about this reality. Over 15 groups came to sing/dance/speak/educate/entertain the gathering that collected at McIntosh Park. There was food and booths with services available to youth in need, and there was a feeling of community and care. Three TV stations came to cover our event; we were in the day and evening news. We will start our ambassador program in the next few months, where we will employ a student from each grade in an inner city school to be the “soft spot” for their fellow students to fall. We will educate our ambassadors on how to counsel those who are bullied, and those who bully.

In early September, school supplies were distributed to over 100+ children in the area, complete with calculators and uniforms. This is never a hand out, but a celebration of how we can help out our youth in need. Each student who is looking for donation must have a letter of recommendation from an adult in their wake who can tell us what we are honoring. And then we take these students school shopping in our Tools For School area in our offices.

We helped to send a young lady to Europe to play clarinet in her traveling orchestra, and we provided two computers to students in need- this was through our Grant a Wish Program. This is a monthly activity, where we fulfill individual requests as they are presented and chosen by our board.

Rite Aid Donation

And then there’s Rite Aid. In early September, this wonderful company chose us as their KidsCents Charity. Now when you walk into any local Rite Aid (and there are 24 of them… TWENTY FOUR OF THEM- look for locations as we speak!) when you pay your bill, they will ask you if you’d like to round that up. We are one of their charities that they round up to. So please round up!!! We went to their kick off party for this incredibly exciting event, and they presented us with a huge check for $10,000. This does not represent the rounding up monies- that program starts now; this is their initial donation given to us by their corporate offices. UNBELIEVABLE.

Our longitudinal study group met on September 24th. The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are now in 5th, 6th and 7th grade. They are a community of seventeen individuals who support and bond with one another, and we have the greatest gift in watching them grow up! Mentoring, tutoring and homework assistance is available to each of these children, with the potential of a college scholarship at the end of their high school studies.

CFK BoxesWe are currently in the process of shopping for our Christmas for Kids Program. This year, we expect to serve over 1800+ children. There are boxes and boxes piling up in our offices, with many more to come. We will hope to host over 70 barrels for community donation this year, and will hope to have hundreds of stockings available for the families we serve.

So it hasn’t been quiet in our FLOC offices. It hasn’t been dull. It has been magical and beautiful and PHENOMENAL. Thank you all for your support, for your kindness, for the ability to truly change the lives of those we serve through FLOC. It is a spectacular ride to see what a community can do for its individuals. If you would like to share the ride (and oh, I would hope you would- the most fulfilling journey EVER) please contact us through facebook, or contact Beth Mann at beth7mann@gmail.com


Thank you all.

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