The Betsy Hoobler Skill Center

Opened in the fall of 2012, FLOC is offering academic tutoring to area children who need help with their studies. FLOC has tutors skilled in many areas of study, and we have much to offer. There are more than 25 computers available, academic tools with which to work, and people with the appropriate skills to offer aid.

The Betsy Hoobler Skill Center was developed in honor of Betsy Hoobler, Professor Emeritus Kent State University. Betsy Hoobler is an English Professor who, upon retirement, was awarded Ohio’s Professor of the Year, and then National Professor of the Year. FLOC would like to honor her years of dedication and service, and proudly does so in opening the Betsy Hoobler Skill Center. She’s also Beth Mann’s mother; Beth Mann could not be more blessed.

We are currently in the process of developing a homework completion study program in our skill center, projected opening date February 20th 2015. Ten tutors will be working with twenty students in need of academic aide. These children will proactively complete homework projects a week ahead of schedule, given instructions by their individual schools. A hot dinner will be provided on a nightly basis. Our tutors will keep a very detailed description of activities and work provided, and will monitor progress on a day-to-day basis. These students will have the positive benefit of going home and having quality time to spend with family members, with the assurance that their work has been done.

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