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October 10, 2014

This is how the world makes sense to me, and yet I am undone by its beauty. At our last board meeting, we were presented with the needs a young mother who had escaped a very physically abusive relationship, who was now in a secure location, but had no bedding for her two sons. One of our fabulous board members suggested we contact Snuggled Up. This is a local charity created by a young teacher who discovered that one of her students was exhausted in class because she had no bed to sleep in; the little first grader slept on the floor with a threadbare blanket. Trisha Baxter stopped teaching in that moment and asked her other students how many of them slept on the floor. The answer was appalling and created a new burning mission for Trisha. She went out and purchased bedding, mattresses, sheets and blankets and donated them to her children without. Applying for and receiving much needed grants, she has now served over 600 children in Dayton, by far the majority unknown to her in any capacity. Please check out her website at She is truly an inspirational, motivational, beautiful example of how one person can truly make a huge difference in the lives of others.

I had the gift of meeting Trisha on Wednesday October 8th. On October 9th I received (very rare) requests for five beds for transitional children moving into new locations. I reached out to Trisha that Thursday afternoon, by that night she had five folded beds, blankets and sheets in her van, simply requesting the names of those children served. The information regarding two of those five children, “Charlie” and “Max”, was sent to Trisha this morning, Friday. Trisha called me ten minutes later; she had a new student start in her classroom this morning. It was Charlie.

I went to pick up the beds today in Trisha’s school. Upon arriving, I was met by Trisha and her new student. Charlie will have a new bed, a new support and a whole new set of eyes on him as he starts his journey with a teacher who will not only help to shape his education, but will make sure he gets a good night sleep.  FLOC will be there all along the way.


Max and Charlie’s caseworker just left our offices. She has two beds and blankets wending their way to the boys. It is a small, small, magical world.

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