Grant A Wish: Recent Wishes Granted

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May 13, 2013

Our Grant a Wish Program has been truly inspiring to witness these past few months. In March, FLOC was able to provide a pizza party for 20+ children from Campfire at our local Magic Castle. In our donation of $470.00, we were able to provide table upon table of food, prizes, an artist rendering cartoon character pictures for the kids- and lots of celebration. This event was entitled The Absolutely Incredible Kid day and was held to honor these delightful children; FLOC was able to sponsor this party due to our community’s generosity. Thank you for letting us give these kids a day of magic- literally, at the Castle!

On April 11th, FLOC was delighted to present a check for a young man whose greatest wish was to attend a space camp. We found a local camp that will be able to give this academically talented youth an opportunity to see and study the stars. For over $300, this camping trip will make such an impact on our recipient. Thank you for letting us do that.

On April 22nd, we were thrilled to be able to send another young lady to Washington DC on what will be her first trip outside of Dayton. This eighth grader has been in and out of many different foster homes and has maintained a very cheerful disposition, and an impressive academic record. This will be her first time ever in a plane, her first time to venture into the country, and her first time to see the nation’s capital. For approximately $340.00, we are able to provide a first time ever enchanted trip to the east coast.

All of our children are so very thankful, really are truly astonished that they live in a community made up of such compassionate, generous individuals. Again and again, thank you, dear Dayton for making dreams and wishes come true.

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