Read to Me

Learning to read is something that every child should be able to do and practice, but there are sometimes cases where a child’s only opportunity to learn is limited to during school hours. Parents can be busy, and sometimes the money simply isn’t in the budget to be able to afford books for their child. This was something we saw very much as a two-birds-one-stone deal.

Through the Read to Me program we’ve had area schools put together book drives that ultimately ended up in a grand total of over 13,000 donated books. We distribute these books to volunteers of the program who are then given specific reading locations in the Dayton area where you can typically find children waiting for their parents to complete things like applications, or other tasks where the children are not involved.

Our readers will sit with these children, share a book with them, and then give that book to the child to take home. There have been many instances we’ve experienced where this is the first book a child’s ever actually owned, and we’re proud to be able to take part in such an experience. In addition to this, the program supplies books consistently to the Montgomery County Children’s Services and various other agencies that are targeted by a younger audience that could benefit by receiving reading material.

If you have any extra books, or you wish to get involved as a reader at one of our locations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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