Grant A Wish

Every child’s got a dream. A wish. Something they want to do oh so badly, but in many cases simply can’t. This story is one that’s heard even more often from those children that face real struggles on a day-to-day basis. From the child that helped tend to her cancer-ridden foster mother, to the one that comes home to an alcoholic parent; these children have little chance of seeing these dreams blossom to life any time soon. This is why we’ve created Grant a Wish.

Grant a Wish is a program that we run on a monthly basis. Every month children in our area write us a heartfelt letter of request that’s coupled with a letter of recommendation from an adult in their community, and one from someone in the educational sphere. These wishes range from a weekend at a camp to ride horses for the first time, to a video camera for an aspiring director that otherwise wouldn’t be able to explore his passion.

Are you in a position to offer an experience that a child may be interested in? We’re always looking to expand upon the resources we’ve got to make a child’s life even just a little bit better. Please get in touch if you’re able to help!


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