Comfort a Child

Imagine you’ve just been told that it’s time to leave your home. You know it’s not safe where you are, but it’s your home. It’s where all of your belongings are, where you’ve made memories, and the only place you’ve had thus far that’s indistinguishably yours. You’re given five minutes and a plastic garbage bag to gather everything that holds any semblance of value to you, then shepherded out the doors of your home and into an unfamiliar place.

This story is, more times than not, the story repeated by many children that have found themselves entering the foster care system.

Through our Blessings in a Bag program we aim to supply each child with a strong, sturdy duffle bag to transport everything they hold dear. Something resistant to wear that would protect its contents in a way a garbage bag never could. It’s a loud, screaming statement that a child is told to put their belongings into a garbage bag as the precursor to what will likely be a tough road ahead.

We want to make a new statement.



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