Christmas for Kids

Christmas is a wonderful time of year that for children is typically filled with awe and wonder. It’s a time of giving and celebration, though not all children are quite so lucky as to get to enjoy it. We started our Christmas for Kids program over twenty years ago. It was initiated by wonderful caseworkers who knew that the families they championed would not have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays. Together they gathered what resources they could find, purchased gifts, and brought them to family homes that otherwise wouldn’t be able to have them on Christmas Eve.

Fast-forward to today. This year, with the help of our wonderful volunteers and the love that resides within the Dayton community, we were able to help bring gifts to 2,261 children. These children received a fresh winter coat, hat, and mittens to help with the bitter cold that winter brings, a stocking filled to the brim, and individual presents that were chosen by the parent and their personal shopper.

Christmas for Kids is without a doubt our biggest program, and certainly one of our most rewarding. We could not do it without your help year after year. If you are interested in taking part in this program, please get in touch. We can accomplish a lot for these children, but we can’t do it alone.

This year, in addition to providing Christmas cheer to the children we serve through Montgomery County Children’s Services, we will also be serving two inner city schools with Christmas joy. There will be no registration for FLOC this year. If you are looking for holiday assistance for you and your family, please refer to the many other agencies in our beloved Dayton that provide this to our community. We wish you the happiest of holidays!


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