The Betsy Hoobler Skill Center

Tutoring is a wonderful tool, but more times than not the availability of it in a school is tricky at best to find. Sometimes it’s necessary to have certain things taught a different way, or explained in different terms before it’s fully understood; we sympathize with that notion.

The Betsy Hoobler Skill Center, named after a retired English professor that totes Ohio’s Professor of the Year award AND the National Professor of the Year award under her belt, is a program that’s been put together to offer academic tutoring to area children who need help with their studies. Ms. Hoobler herself tutors here, along with a group of tutors skilled in many different areas of study. The center offers more than 25 computers in addition to these tutors, and whatever academic tools the children need to excel in their studies.

With an emphasis on proactive work and diligent study mixed with the assurance of quality family time back home knowing that all work is done, we do what we can to make sure that the youth of our area are armed as best they can to take on whatever academic challenges are thrown their way.



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