The FLOC Anti-Bullying Rally

Bullying is a dangerous and frightening reality. With the advent of cyber bullying, victims deal with a constant barrage of hate, and have little hope of retreat. There are many children in our greater Dayton area who deal with this issue on a daily basis; we need to talk about this with our children, whether they are the bully or the bullied. We need to give them support and education and tools in order to deal with their frustration and anger and subsequent behaviors.

On September 6th, 2014, FLOC, in collaboration with New Beginnings hosted its first Anti-Bullying Rally. Many other major organizations took part in this event. We held testimonials, inspirational and informational speakers available to speak to this topic. We also had all kinds of food and music. The emphasis was on the positive ways in which our community can gather in encouraging our children to respect one another.

FLOC and New Beginnings for You, in collaboration with many other local and national organizations, have hosted two more annual anti-bullying rallies. This past August 20th, 2016, we held our third rally, with hundreds in attendance.

We host these rallies in honor of a young man, Paul Hauan. Here is his story, as told by his bereaved and beautiful mother, Lisa.

On August 24, 1998, Paul Eugene Hauan was born. Paul was a cute little boy. Early on, he had to start overcoming things. Paul needed glasses before he was a year old. At age two, Paul had already found his calling; he was gifted with computers and could play solitaire by himself. Paul grew up fast, like all kids do. His real dad, Buck, showed no interest in him. Kenny Noland was his first step­dad. He loved Paul and Paul loved him.

As Paul grew older, his passion for computers and video games was evident. He wanted to design games when he got old enough. His favorite movies were the Star Wars sagas. He loved Star Wars.

He was a great son and he cared for everyone. If he had something and he knew someone else needed it, he would gladly give it to them. He was so full of love and compassion. He would give his sister, Alexis, his lunch money, help with her chores and he would read and play with his younger sister, Athena. He loved his sisters, especially Athena. He helped her learn and play games. It was a beautiful sight seeing them together. He lost Kenny Noland to cancer and went a while without a father figure, until Virgil came along. Paul went to church camp every year. He learned to play the harmonica in less than a week and could play “When the Saints Come Marching In”. He truly was a gift from God.

When Paul turned twelve he starting having health problems and his hair started falling out. We went to a specialist and they never figured out why. They tried injections that hurt Paul – up to twenty injections at a time. Around this time, he started being bullied at school. Kids are mean; they made fun of him and beat him up. When we found out about it, we went to Paul’s school. We tried to get him transferred to another school district, but his school would not let him go because he was a straight­ A student and if he left it would affect their school’s GPA. To them, my little boy was just a dollar figure. We asked if he could wear a hat to school and they let him, but the bullying went on and on. We tried several times to transfer him out of that school, but all of our efforts failed. The school assured us they would take care of him..

They did not take care of him, because on May 21, 2012, Paul took his own life at thirteen years of age. He had been beaten up a few days before by three boys. Paul never told us about it. He received a text message that day. I asked him who it was from and what it was about. He never told me. He went to his room and said he was going to clean it. That was the last time I saw my beautiful little boy alive.

Lisa now speaks at our rallies on Paul’s behalf, in the hopes of saving those dear bullied children who are silent in their struggle.


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