A Powerful Gift from our Children… to our Children

Thank you Alter High School

There is a fantabulous program that we at FLOC were introduced to this year- it’s called Magnified Giving. This program introduces the importance and empowerment of philanthropy to students from grades 5 and up. Students are given the responsibility of identifying local charities, getting immersed in their mission and selecting a charity to receive their Magnified Giving Grant scholarship monies.

This is the first year Alter High School participated in this program. Twenty-five local charities were presented to the school, and the student body was tasked to engage in fact finding and one-on-one presentations with each of the twenty-five charities selected. They had to hone in on the one charity they which they thought best touched their hearts.

FLOC was most humbled and grateful to have been chosen as the Magnified Giving Award recipient, which we most proudly received this past Monday night in a ceremony hosted in Cincinnati, Ohio. We received a most generous check for $1250.00, which will be put directly into our Blessings in a Bag program. This program feeds children who would go hungry over the weekend but for the food we put into book bags of those little ones whom we have quietly identified. The student body at Alter High School has been instrumental in helping us develop and sustain this program, and in supporting our mission over the years. It is with great honor and deep respect that we thank those at Alter High School for their continued commitment, their consistent desire to better our community, and for all the wonderful things they do for FLOC and the children we serve.


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