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In November of last year, the wonderful people that work with the posting system Hire a Flyer reached out to FLOC.  Hire a Flyer is a fantastic organization that connects the amazingly philanthropic students that attend UD with various community efforts. I met with Amy Tanaka and Liz Seager who work with the University of Dayton’s Career Services Office and are responsible for posting these opportunities on the website. I outlined our mission, especially highlighting the then current Christmas for Kids program in place. Within the next two weeks, I had a dozen resumes from interested students who needed further input as to time commitment and goals and objectives. After many meetings and much discussion, we now have five very active, very committed young adults who are trumpeting our needs; gathering much needed data, and doing a remarkable job in developing new resources. We are beyond thrilled, beyond grateful for their (please teach me) computer expertise, for their brilliant proactive approach in all manners, for their time and dedication in working with the children we serve.


We are proud to announce our intern team:


  • Elisa Nordmeyer is our liaison to our interns. She will be coordinating our homework completion program- to be started in late March. She will also work with Emily with the Boutique, getting the word out to area schools as to what we have available. She will be coordinating all communication between board and interns.


  • Emily Wegh is interested in the business aspects of FLOC. She and Elisa are currently doing extensive inventory on the Boutique, and will be addressing inner city schools on what the Boutique has to offer.  Emily is also going to do inventory on our Tools for School Program, and will provide time sheets and documents for FLOC during daytime hours.


  • Jordan Spiegle is interested in working with the anti-bullying program. Jordan is currently developing a template for how we address this horrible reality in our area schools. She is going to go in to speak with administration to develop productive and proactive programming.


  • Yichen Li graduated in Mechanical Engineering in China two years ago, and is now in a similar program at UD. He will be mentoring a child in an area group home, and will also be working with Jordan in the anti-bullying program. Yichen will be doing related research.


  • Carly Goins is actively working on enriching a program for our young teens called Baby Safe and Sound. Carly is finding new and important resources for our young kids having children in order to give them better parenting skills.


And so it is with great honor and respect and delight that we introduce our newest family of FLOC!

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