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FLOC is a volunteer organization that raises funds to provide enrichment and educational support for children who are neglected, abused, in foster care, or children in need of community resource in the greater Dayton area. We are a 501c3 charity; we work with a population of approximately 6000 children in our community.

Many of us do not realize that there is a child one street away from our home who is hungry- brutally hungry. Most of us don’t know the child three streets over who is hiding behind the couch, hoping that the scary man won’t hurt her again. How fortunate for the majority of us that we don’t understand what it is to have to couch hop at night, looking for somewhere safe to stay until being kicked out and having to find the next warm, safe place. Until that doesn’t exist- and it’s late and dark and the streets are the only reality. For the children we serve; in some form, this is their truth.

When our current board assembled eight years ago, we came into a very damaged, shattered system. There was no consistent funding, there was little voice for these children in need.  In these past eight years, FLOC has been very actively fundraising; our efforts have collected well over a million dollars for our kids. We started with a gala that has become an annual event; the kindness and generosity that is Dayton has been overwhelming, and has provided us great opportunity in development.  Because we are a full-fledged volunteer agency with no paid staff, we have been able to donate these funds on a 100% basis, thus having created nine new programs in place for the children we serve. This is in addition to our two longstanding programs- Baby Safe and Sound and Christmas for Kids.

Please look into our programs as presented under the program tab. Our kids need your help; any interest in volunteering with our organization will be immediately recognized with great appreciation. You will be joining in our efforts to make the world a better place for those children we are honored to serve, and you can do so much to make a difference.

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