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July 3, 2014

FLOC is working with New Beginnings For Youth (NBFY) to start an Anti-Bullying Campaign in an effort to prevent cyber bullying. This program will focus on educating parents and their children through after-school programs and workshops about cyber bullying which has become increasingly common for today’s social media youth. Cyber bullying can be performed anonymously by using temporary email accounts, instant messaging, and cell phone text messaging, freeing the bully from identification and reprimand. Bullying victims are more likely to experience depression and/or consider suicide. On September 6th, FLOC and NBFY will host a “Stop the Violence” anti-bullying rally in McIntosh Park in Dayton.

FLOC and NBFY are also jointly promoting a Pay It Forward Movement in Dayton. On May 28, these two agencies hosted a movie night with popcorn and pizza to show the film Pay It Forward. Fifteen members of the community participated and each received three coupons after the show to perform three good deeds. In three month intervals the participants will return to FLOC with more members from the community to share their experiences and receive more coupons. Pay It Forward is a growing global movement to encourage random acts of kindness. A person will perform a selfless act, such as pay for the meal or coffee of the person behind them in line, and then give a Pay It Forward coupon to that person with the intention that they will perform a similar act for someone else.

The third program is a modification to the Baby Safe & Sound series which is offered twice a year. Instead of gathering for games and educational speeches followed by a community baby shower involving gifts of cribs, diapers and pack ‘n plays, FLOC, in conjunction with NBFY, is now instigating an incentive-based program. The new and soon-to-be mothers must earn a certain number of stamps on their Baby Safe & Sound passports by completing tasks at partner agencies. The goal is to educate new mothers in the process and not simply hand out supplies. The mothers will learn important baby care tasks such as how to give a baby a bath at Planned Parenthood or how to perform infant CPR at the YMCA.

If you would like to participate in one of the above programs, please contact Sheri Aldridge at 937.222.5680 or send an email to


-Guest blog written by Christina Holt

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