The Magic of Grant a Wish

I would like to share the beauty of our Grant a Wish Program with you. Each month, a child’s request is fulfilled by our board, through the generosity of caring people in our community. Whether it be a trip to camp, video equipment, educational classes, we only ask that the child has something we can honor. A letter of recommendation and a letter of intent are offered, and wishes come true.

The children we serve do not have a great deal to celebrate in their everyday lives. We just happen to be lucky enough to be the recipient of requests that come from teachers, from counselors, from neighbors who recognize that the child on their watch is in need of some attention and care. We get to be those people who offer that care and support in a time that matters most in the moment.

Our board recently received a request from an area photography teacher. His student comes from a series of broken homes. He has been in over ten foster and three group homes, and does not feel much of a connection with those in his midst, because they’re not there long. He DOES have a connection with the video world, and creates great beauty in this form of art. His teacher was hoping we could do something to continue this inspiration.

So we had a video camera specially crafted for the specific area of photography this young man loves. Our board had its monthly gathering, and we had the privilege of watching a smile grow into a radiant glow, complete with a new posture of confidence and comfort, knowing he was in the midst of great support. He spent a day at Blue Dog Productions, Dyer, Garofalo, Mann and Schultz’s incredibly talented marketing company, watching the brilliance of that team creating commercials and media input.

I get many comments from the children served in our Grant a Wish program; they are consistent in their content. They have never felt so special. They didn’t know that people cared. They are just so very thankful that someone took the time and effort to do something very specific, very individual for them. They walk out of our board meetings feeling like for once in a very chaotic life, it was quiet and good and happy.

If you would like to sponsor a Grant a Wish, please contact me at  It is a $350 donation. You can specify what kind of wish you would like to honor, and you will be present at our board for that special moment. It’s like Christmas and your birthday and every holiday in between all wrapped up in one.

 Please help us to share the color and joy and the much needed hug that is FLOC.

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