June 2016: A Grant a Wish Recipient and Her Story

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This past month, FLOC was honored to serve a young lady who was the first in her family to graduate from an area high school. This diligent little girl works a number of jobs in order to pay for the housing she provides for her grandmother; she cares for her family, maintains a 3.0 average, and goes to school full time- all in a world where she has little time to recognize that she is yet a teenager. Her name is Chenayah Clay.

Chenayah was accepted into two very good colleges. She is the first in a long line of generations to have the possibility of a higher education.

She could not afford her graduation robes, and all the costs involved in the process.

She could not afford college housing costs.

She could not afford college enrollment fees.

The board of FLOC was presented with strong letters of recommendation, with words of wonder for a young person who had such strength, such vision, such determination; could we help?

In a very first, our board was delighted to take care of ALL of her requests. It’s the biggest Grant A Wish we’ve had the privilege of presenting.

Because of the generosity of the wonderful people representing the Dayton Mortgage Bankers Association, we were able to present Chenayah with all of her requests. Please check out their website at www.daytonmortgagebankers.org  for further information on this fabulous philanthropic group of professionals. Representatives of this fantastic organization came in and personally offered their support and generous donation to Chenayah at a recent board meeting. It was a beautiful moment to be a part of; a celebration of spirit and determination.

In addition to this, the talented people at Blush Senior in downtown Dayton gifted Chenayah with a “Blush Senior photo experience,” which includes a makeover and photo session. Tracy Mallot and Billy Pote, the owners of Blush, created a special day of magic for our Chenayah. Katie Mayhill provided the artistry of make-up, Ali Rea Romano did all kinds of beautiful hair styles, and all of it was captured by the professional eye of Shana Lloyd, a most gifted photographer. Chenayah had a four-hour photo shoot, in multiple locations, with several wardrobe changes and personalized hair and make-up changes. Please check out their website at www.blushsenior.com for further input on these gifted and compassionate artists.

So I share this with you. Because of the hearts of people like those at Blush Senior, because of the care and generosity of people like those from the Dayton Mortgage Bankers Association, we can help to shape a future of a young Chenayah who will take the world on with the absolute certainty that she has a community who cares. We celebrate you, Chenayah. We will be waiting for your updates with so much eager anticipation! Go make the world a better place. Go create a whole new chapter in your life. We will love reading the book!

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