FLOC gives great thanks to the phenomenal student body and staff at Alter High School!

Thank you Alter High School staff and students!

There are so very many community sponsors to thank for their great support for FLOC and the 6,000 area children we serve. This is one of our incredible resources.

FLOC would like to share the compassion and generosity that defines the essence of Alter High School and its student body.

The Alter Lancerettes are a select dance team of over 70 girls, grades 9-12, who perform choreographed routines throughout the year at various Alter events. This fabulous and most talented group contacted our organization to see if there was a special family they could celebrate over the holidays, and oh yes, there was! We’ve been working with a very dear family for eight years, providing Christmas joy each year. The precious grandmother comes every year with a gift for US. So we reached out to this grandmother, and united her wish requests with the Lancerettes, and a few days before Christmas, cars collected in front of the home, and we filled her rooms with so many sparkly gifts that there was no space. Just love. And miracles. And tears of happiness.

FLOC was contacted by a young mother who recently moved to Dayton right before the holidays. She had absolutely nothing to offer her three little ones. I received this email as I was corresponding with Norm Rich, a well-loved teacher at Alter High School, and the moderator for Key Club. Alter always hosts one of our Christmas for Kids barrels, and I thought I had seen a Christmas tree by one of these barrels; I asked Norm if we could donate this tree to the family. I asked him if there might be anything in addition there may be to give to this family in need. The bowling team at Alter sprang into action. Within a few days, Norm and the bowling team members collected dozens and dozens of gifts. Norm and I filled my trunk. FLOC volunteers put the tree up in our offices, and placed the gifts underneath. The mom came in to find a group of us from FLOC, wrapped around a Christmas miracle from these phenomenal students at Alter. The tree went home, to be trimmed by a family filled with the magic of the holidays.

I was asked to present our mission at FLOC to the student body at Alter, based on the Magnified Giving Program. This is a fantastic organization; their mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy. I met with a number of students and shared the reality that many of our children we serve through FLOC face: the hunger, the loneliness, the lack of support, dark, bleak days. Many, many students joined in our upcoming CFK program (Christmas for Kids) serving in different volunteer capacities. AND FLOC won the Magnified Giving Award, due to the wonderful Alter students who shared the passion we have for our young children in need. So, so many thanks to all of you that have done so much for so many little ones.

Four years ago, FLOC developed our longitudinal study. Fifteen local children were identified as being academically talented, in need of community resource. We have met every school month since, providing mentors, tutors and all academic supplies. All of our students are extremely academically successful, and our main focus is on community service. In January, we put our focus on the sad reality of child hunger, both nationally and locally. Two Alter High School students, Nicholas Sprauer and Jack Suttman have come in to make presentations on this subject, and do so with well researched fact, and great warmth of spirit. Our study kids LOVE this interaction. After each presentation, our kids worked together to create Blessings in a Bag– a bag of supplemental food discreetly given to children at Emerson Academy who would not be eating over the weekend but for this intervention. Children feeding children. Amazing. So many thanks to Nick and Jack for the gift of their time, and for the inspiration they share in wanting to make the world a better place.

This coming Thursday, (TODAY!) dear Nick is cutting his very long and handsome mane of hair. He has been growing his shoulder length beauteous hair for years. Nick and his family are hosting a fundraiser for those who would like to donate monies to celebrate his new buzz cut, and that money is going to our Betsy Hoobler Skill Center, and Tools for School Program. Those attending this fundraiser will bring in school supplies for our kids, and will be there to honor Nick in his philanthropy. NICK- YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE WONDERFUL.

It is with a very full heart that we at FLOC recognize the ongoing efforts that Alter High School makes to honor and benefit and celebrate our Dayton community. We are most proud and humbled by the ongoing support. Our board thanks you, I thank you, our children are most appreciative of all that you do.

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