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July 10, 2013

It was a very fulfilling month for FLOC. The month of June revolved around our Comfort A Child donation drive. If you’re reading this now with time to kill and a fresh $20 bill in your pocket (how lucky for you!), head on over to your nearest Meijer’s or Wal-Mart and buy a sweat suit, or a pair of flip flops, and bring them on down to our Talbott Tower garage. These donations go immediately to Children’s Services, where they are distributed within the week to kids who are in such need. It’s been thrilling to see what our community can pull together for kids being taken out of their home- we now have a little “shop” down at Children’s Services; when children come into care without, they can shop (obviously at no cost) and gather items they need. Whether it be new clothing or a teddy bear, or a warm blanket- you have provided, dear Dayton.

That’s one thing I have learned over and over again in my research into what makes our community work. It’s the heart of who we all are- individually and collectively, I am in awe of the kindness, of the generosity that is Dayton. When there is a need, no matter the state of the economy, there are so many of you who, without question, reach out to those who need help. And in our quest for serving children who are in such great attendance, you are simply providing love and comfort and care where it is so badly needed.

I would like to give a really big shout out to the UD Women’s Soccer team and the UD Athletic Department for their unlimited support of FLOC. Soccer players have been tutoring, mentoring and working long hours volunteering for any and all necessary tasks at hand. They have been so gracious and generous with their time, and so very good to our children. The team had a special game for the children in our study, t-shirts were passed out, and our kids enjoyed a sunny day of athletics and just brilliant soccer. The UD Athletic Department is offering some wonderful donations for our gala, and we could not thank them more for their generous support. In addition, so very many many thanks to the marketing team of the Mall at Fairfield Commons who are driving a mall wide donation for our upcoming gala, with proceeds going to our programming. We are so thankful to the wonderful people at Fairfield, and to those of you who shop at that luxurious mall- a percentage of purchases made from August 5th through the 16th, 2013 will go to FLOC. Go to the Mall at Fairfield Commons Website, or our website for further detail. Again, we so appreciate the support! Please, if you’re reading this, save any and all shopping for that week- and shop at the Mall at Fairfield Commons knowing you are helping our area children in need with every purchase.

And always, we could not be more grateful to the law firm of Dyer, Garofalo, Mann and Schultz who help us share our mission with great focus and diligent care. The attorneys, the staff, the entire firm could not be more proactive in helping to create a better world for the children we serve.

Look into our programming- you will see where every dollar, where every hour of volunteering goes to better the children we care for. If you have any suggestions, any donations you would like to offer, please contact me. If you have any donations for our upcoming gala on August 25th, again, please contact me through FLOC’s website.  And always, if you would like to volunteer, we would love to have you get involved!


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