Day Two!

November 14, 2012

ok, day two that I [Beth Mann, President of FLOC] am blogging- which my mother thinks is just a horrible word, says it sounds like you have a really bad cold, and I agree, but blogging I am. So, was it six years ago- I think so- that I contacted FLOC’s liaison (I spell that word wrong EVERY time). I told this delightful woman that I would like to volunteer for whatever FLOC was- I knew they worked with children, and that was a population that I was missing, as my kids were veering at an astonishing speed toward adulthood. My delightful aforementioned contact told me about the upcoming Christmas for Kids program, how many children in the Dayton area did not celebrate Christmas because of financial/parental issues. She told me that there used to be a wonderful law firm that advertised for this program, but they had lost contact with the attorney responsible, and what a loss that was for the agency. What genius it took to realize that, since Doug had mentioned that our kids had advertised for years for FLOC, and that Doug was responsible for the ad, that maybe she was referring to Dyer, Garofalo, Mann and Schultz. Doug did a commercial the next day, and I was hooked. I first came into the toy cottage that FLOC creates at Christmas time, totally unprepared for the reality that was before me. First of all, Daytonites are the most generous people. Seriously. There were barrels all over the toy cottage, brimming with all kinds of Christmas toys and gifts, donated by a caring community that simply knows they’re creating holiday magic for some unknown child. At the toy cottage that year, I met many many parents, mostly foster parents, who just were so thankful that after shopping our shelves with a personal shopper (volunteers we’re looking for- if you’re reading this right now and you need extra Christmas spirit, call me right now at (937) 657-9393- I’ll get you all lined up to volunteer with us! It’s a hug- 24/7, really) ok, I have to end this sentence. My English professor mom would have her red pen all over that run on. Anyway, the point being, when you can make a child’s potentially barren holiday one full of sparkles and smiles and joy, well, that simply ignites the love that you already have in your heart. Last year, we served over 1660+ children in the greater Dayton area. And just this week, we kicked off our current Christmas drive; look for FLOC barrels all over town- toss in an unwrapped gift or toy. Know that in the process, you are warming the heart of a child- and you are living the spirit of the season. Out for now!

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