Christmas for Kids: 2017 Update

It is with a serious bout of the flu, and yet with major joy in my heart that I share our past Christmas for Kids 2017 update. Our Toy Cottage was simply filled to the brim with so many new and exciting gifts- our shelves were overflowing, the lights bright, our walls decorated with updated elves and Santas and jingle bells. And we served hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of little ones.

Thanks to YOU, Dayton. We had so many people, so many businesses, so many schools come forward to offer their services. Our volunteers were so kind and generous with their smiles, with their time, with the happy families served. It was a smooth and easy process this year, with a rampant delight in the air.

We had a record number of donations. Simply unbelievable, the number of you who came forward to offer anything from wrapping paper to hundreds of stockings, to gifts given to specific families, to boxes and boxes of toys. There was so much love in the season. I was just so grateful to be a part of it all, to witness this on a moment to moment basis.

This year, we served the children who are in the care of Montgomery County Children’s Services, and those attending three area inner city schools. It was a privilege to know that our kids will be opening gifts on Christmas. And not just gifts, but REALLY COOL stuff.

Again and again, my thanks, our thanks, the board and our children thank you all who have done so very much to make this holiday steeped in all the good.

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